Parking Services

Are you smartpark ready?

Are you smartpark ready?

Do you have Pay On Foot?
Do you have connectivity?
Is your system ZEAG or SKIDATA?

If you have all 3, you are ready!

Parking Revenue

SmartPark has been designed to improve the four main focus areas of Parking Revenue Accounting:

  1. Cash variances - ensuring accurate banking
  2. Ticket control - accounting for all movements within the parking area
  3. Barrier openings - ensuring no unauthorised/unpaid exits
  4. Reporting - accurate real-time reporting

Software application

The SmartPark software application consist of the following elements:

  • A Web Form for capturing information at site level
  • An automatic reconciling function (should bank vs actual bank)
  • A platform to monitor and track drum recons, float and other monitory values
  • Proactive report to manage risk area’s such as missing tickets and barrier (gate) openings
  • Interface into any ERP system in order to automate cash book reconciliations
  • Various daily, weekly and monthly automated reports
  • Flexibility in terms of site specific customisation

System security

System security is built on the following user administration structure:

  • Users are authenticated by means of Active Directory
  • Active Directory authentication enables making certain parts of the application inaccessible for certain users
  • Environment where staff comply with IT policies (not sharing logins) we are able to associate capture form submissions with individual users
  • Accountability can be assigned to users based on available audit trail
  • The application features an Administrator Page which allows users with elevated privileges to edit / delete submitted data

SmartPark means

SmartPark means:

  • Guaranteed revenue – what goes into the pay station is what we bank,
  • Real-time verification of cash “drained” versus system data,
  • Automated banking reconciliation,
  • System driven risk mitigation of all movements in the carpark, such as manual boom openings, ticket validation, vouchers, and more.
  • Open access to parking data for trends analysis, including customer flow, occupancy stats, dwell time, and more
  • Full integration into CIT platforms and Credit Card clearing houses,
  • Rich analytics measured against site-specific KPI’s and industry benchmarks, and finally
  • Transparent management reporting via the web portal or scheduled email delivery

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